Energy - Dec 20
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About the E-Cat, you may be interested in two well thought and in depth articles that demolish Rossi's claims at their basis.
No miracles in science: the story of the E-Cat. By Antonio Turiel
The Physics of why the e-Cat's Cold Fusion Claims Collapse, by Ethan Siegel

(18 December 2011)

Second life: The questionable safety of life extensions for Russian nuclear power plants

Igor Koudrik and Alexander Nikitin, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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(13 December 2011)
EB contributor Janice Sinclaire writes: "A sobering piece on Russia's decision to extend the operation of Chernobyl-type reactors past the engineered life span. These reactors are of an inherently unsafe design, which cannot be improved through upgrades and modernization, and some reactor parts are impossible to replace."