What will we eat as the oil runs out? [update]
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Richard Douthwaite - Economist and author of The Growth Illusion and Short Circuit
John Feehan - Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment, UCD
David Flemming - Author of The Lean Economy: A Vision of Civility for a World in Trouble
Folke Gunther - Ph.D. student at the Department of Systems Ecology at Stockholm University
Anita Hayes - Founder of the Irish Seed Savers Association
Richard Heinberg - Author of Powerdown - Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon Future
Mae-Wan Ho - Director of the Institute of Science and Society
David Holmgren - Author of Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability
Seamus Hoyne - Managing Director of Tipperary Energy Agency
Seán McDonagh - Author of Patenting Life? Stop! and The Death of Life: The Horror of Extinction

Helena Norberg-Hodge - Founder of the International Society for Ecology and Culture

Deirdre O'Connor - Lecturer in Resource Economics, UCD
Jules Pretty - Director of the Centre for Environment and Society, University of Essex

Darrin Qualman - Director of Research, National Farmers Union of Canada

Bernard Rice - Head of Crop Production and Engineering Department, Teagasc
Wayne Roberts - Project coordinator of the Toronto Food Policy Council
Colin Sage - Lecturer at Department of Geography, University College Cork
Micheline Sheehy Skeffington - Head of Botany Department, NUI Galway
Lori Stahlbrand - Project Leader of the The Local Food Eco-label Project
Andre Viljoen - Architect and author of Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes
Full details and a booking form for the event can be downloaded from www.feasta.org/events/foodconf/food_conference.htm
Everyone booking before the end of May qualifies for an Early Bird discount of 20%. All the non-Dublin speakers and a lot of the other participants will be staying at Bewley's Hotel, Leopardstown, where FEASTA has reserved a block of rooms. These are going fast so if you want to get one, contact the FEASTA office at +353 (0)1 4053615 or feasta@anu.ie for information. The room rate is 79 euro a night and a room will accommodate two people. Dublin hotels are heavily booked during the conference because of a pop concert so you might find it difficult to book elsewhere. A minibus will run participants between the hotel and the conference hall..